We are looking for people who believe in a whole-food, plant-based diet to become affiliates, place a text or banner ad link on their websites, and help motivate people to adopt a healthy diet.

Advertise the Easy Weight Loss program and earn a 75% commission on sales generated by your affiliate link. Compare this commission with the much smaller commissions offered by other online retailers. On a $20.00 sale, ClickBank charges $2.52 (7.5% times $20.00 plus $1.00). Of the $17.48 remaining we pay our affiliates 75% ($13.11) and we get the remainder ($4.37). ClickBank handles the credit card or Pay Pal payment, delivers the PDF to the customer and disburses payments to the affiliate and vendor.

Founded in 1998, ClickBank is a major retailer of online digital products. According to Wikipedia, ClickBank handled approximately 30,000 transactions daily in August of 2014. ClickBank makes it easy to become an affiliate. From the ClickBank.com home page, click on the Create Account link (found at both the top and bottom of the page). ClickBank’s Knowledge Base provides detailed information about how their program works.

After creating a ClickBank account you can send buyers to vendor websites by means of a hoplink. According to the ClickBank Knowledge Base (“Using HopLinks”): “When a potential buyer visits a vendor’s page by clicking your HopLink, ClickBank’s referral tracking system records that you were responsible for the traffic. If that user buys the product within 60 days, you get credit for the sale and receive a commission.”

A good way to promote the Easy Weight Loss program is to place a text link or one of the image ads (aka banner ads) shown below on your website. To place an image ad on your website, right-click one of the image ads below and save it (e.g., using Save image as…) to your computer. Then add the image ad to your website. Then link the image ad to the Easy Weight Loss website using a hoplink in the following format:


To make the hoplink work, replace AFFILIATE with your affiliate nickname (aka your ClickBank ID) that you created when you opened your account with ClickBank, for example:


The ClickBank Knowledge Base has an article titled “Using HopLinks” that explains hoplinks in more detail, including use of an alternative method using encrypted hoplinks. YouTube has videos such as “ClickBank How to Create a HopLink” and other videos showing how to add images and links for WordPress and other types of websites.

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